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4D3n Hanoi Airport – Sapa - 2d1n Fansipan climb –Hanoi departure

My rating: , Date: 3/29/2016 5:49:33 AM

With content: All email conversation and tour arrangements were excellent. Airport transfer, train tickets, transfer tickets and excursion transport were first class.
Wandering around and seeing the fields and water buffalo and fabulous views of high lands: all of this accompanied by input from our guide.

On the negative side, lunch was not a highlight.
Again, some of the blame for that was my general condition but we had the impression that the guide was ordringwhat he liked. This impression was strengthened by the gusto with which he dined and also by his later apology when informing us that the chicken was preferred by locals when in the skin and attached to bone. The tofu was fine, however.
This was in contrast to meal breaks on other tours elsewhere.

Our guide was accompanied by another who was being made familiar with Climb Fansipan Team
She was a remarkable, admirable woman from Red Dao village. Self taught English and a wonderful character that shone through.
We learned much about the strength and determination and talent of the locals. Very good team in Sapa to help travellers

My recommendation to Climb Fansipan