Traveler - Judith M

From - Bulgaria

My reviews for tours in Climb Fansipan
My recommendation to Climb Fansipan

2 days Fanispan tour experience.

, Date: 10/29/2013 6:13:37 PM

With content: We did the trip from Lao Cai station about 5 AM we arrived, We checked out and met with a driver holding a sign board with our name on it and then car keep on collecting some customers then drive up to our Sapa homestay of A Duc where you can relax, refresh, have a quick shower and enjoy breakfast.  A quick-shower bath in informed not to do to avoid Cramp...

After breakfast, meet your “accompany crew” including tour guide and porters, who brings all crucial equipments like food, water, the way of climbing.. and our clothing for the Fansipan trip.

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