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5D4N Hanoi-Sapa 1night - climb 2d1n Fansipan-Hanoi

My rating: , Date: 3/28/2016 10:22:18 AM

With content: Fansipan, the highest summit in Indochina, finally we conquered. With the spirit of trekking, we try to adapt our self and recognize the difficulty and inconvenience of hiking. The occasion for living with nature in the forest is our exaltation, challenging and inspiring us. So we try to take adventure that it is different from our lifestyle in the city. Therefor some mistakes of the package is insignificant for us.
We took the 2D1N climb to the summit with reasonable price, a manager in Hanoi was very active to reply me promptly every inquiries by email. His high efficiency of swift response is helpful and appreciative.
In Sapa, the mistake appointment interrupted our itinerary but a tour leader solved the problems professionally by offering specific exra benefits. We esteem his hospitality.
We were assigned to the tour guide called Mr. C, an excellent ethnic. He is very nice, kind, helpful and attentive. We got good service, good dinner on mountain, live in a house, sleeping bag, gloves, 2 bottles of water etc.
After summit achievement, we separated in 2 groups, me and half of us descended by the cable car. Perfect idea of bird eye view of the fantastic scenery of Fansipan forest and thick fog in the valley. Highly recommend Climb Fansipan Team!

4D3n Hanoi Airport - Sapa - climb Fansipan peak 2d1n - Hanoi City - GROUP TOUR

My rating: , Date: 4/26/2020 3:59:08 PM

With content: 3 of us tried to book a cheap fansipan tour pcakge since we reached our hotel in sapa wuited late but the A Duc from Climb Fansipan team woulde be helpful to join us in the group. All arangement very fast and carefully, tour guide - e thnic man can speak little English but accpetable since we give a hand to the local people.  Thanks Team, we come back soon

My recommendation to Climb Fansipan