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5D4N Hanoi-Sapa 1night - climb 2d1n Fansipan-Hanoi

My rating: , Date: 4/23/2013 10:06:13 PM

With content: If you have your own tent and sleeping bags you can arrange to camp on the mountain. Tents and Sleeping bags can be hired for If you are going to rent the gear you might as well hire the guide because the price difference is minimal. I am a very adventurous person and I am good with route finding but if I did this again I think I would still hire a guide because there are trails that go off everywhere. The hut on the mountain is for guests of the hired guides. If you can I recomend you bring a sleeping bag that is rated to at least 40 degrees. It can get a bit cold at night.

4D3N Hanoi– Sapa - Climb Fansipan 2days 1 night – Hanoi

My rating: , Date: 6/12/2013 1:27:19 AM

With content: It was completely out of my expectation when coming to Sapa. I still felling that all little lovely H’Mong kids in sapa playing around me. They are so nice. The most I like in Sapa tour is the afternoon soft trekking across terrace fields, small stream and communicating with local people. The children speak English well and all of them are very friendly, they welcomed us to their house, taste their famous green tea. Sometimes they ask very personal questions but they are friendly and their smiles are never end. I like colorful and traditional cloths. We were lucky when it’s clear and sunshine during all our tour. The landscape in Sapa is so beautiful, I am sure it will take you out of noisy and crowded city. I took lots of picture from a Red Dzao family, I will send it to our tour guide May (a local Red Dzao girl) and she promised that she will give it to the family we visited. May translated all our questions help us talking with local people in easy way, she’s great.

3D2N Fansipan tour package from Sapa

My rating: , Date: 6/12/2013 1:57:54 AM

With content: Great adventure experience and a great guide in Nhat, the Climb--a nimble 20 year old. From pickup at train station at 6am until I was walked to my hotel at 5:30pm back in Sapa, trek was exhausting, but worth it. We started hike at 8am, hit summit around 11:30am--clouds only, and were back at trailhead by 4:15pm. Took about one hours worth of breaks at the base camps to eat. Upper parts of trail are rocky and wet and I ended up mud-splattered and wet. The thin air above the upper base camp made it difficult to breathe and I did get a headache. (Some suggest spending a day in Sapa and doing the hike in 2 days to acclimate self to lower oxygen levels.) Breakfast and a sandwich for lunch was provided, but I brought some granola bars and dumplings which I shared with guide. I would recommend more nutrition as this hike burns calories. Water was not an issue. It was sold at lower base camp and could be taken out of streams untreated. Since we finished earlier than expected, I was also taken to see Silver Waterfall on way back to town. I would do it again, but probably in a drier season when I could get a view and the trail would be less treacherous.

4D3N Hanoi– Sapa - Climb Fansipan 2days 1 night – Hanoi

My rating: , Date: 9/23/2013 9:35:52 PM

With content:

I did wonderful trip through a local travel agency " Climb Fansipan", run by a team of H mong ethnic minority people, it 's very good services, our guide is a H'mong guy, spoke very english. I visited his family in catcat, they were very freindly and hospitable

5D4N Hanoi-Sapa 1night - climb 2d1n Fansipan-Hanoi

My rating: , Date: 9/23/2013 10:01:37 PM

With content:

This trekk was a real challenge. On the way up I had great views over Sapa but unfortunly because of the weather my second day when i summited was really misty so couldn't see anything from the top.

However the trekk itself was amazing and they prepared lots of food. When I climbed it there was still many Vietnamese tourist celebrating Tet and they were fun to speak with.

Do not bring your own soft drinks. A coke is 30k dong (1,5 dollar) at both basecamps. Which is very cheap considering the way it traveled. And don't drink water, better with soft drinks that provide you with energy in form of sugar. Will make the climb much more fun.

4D3N Hanoi– Sapa - Climb Fansipan 2days 1 night – Hanoi

My rating: , Date: 11/28/2017 8:47:25 PM

With content: 5 of us book fansipan 2d1n trip with Climb Fansipan Team on Nove 2017, well organised, smoothly arranged services and especailly we went down too late sothat could not board on the train, use the car instead, the team was so helpful to find good car, cheap price for us to return Hanoi..

My recommendation to Climb Fansipan

3 days Fansipan trip story 

, Date: 10/29/2013 6:06:03 PM

With content:
We have completed this 3d2n Fansipan trip and found quiet interesting to discover the forest when you have the time avaible and strong enough to face some difficulty on weather, food and hard condittion may happen on the mountain.
We started the tripLao Cao train station where we welcomed by A Duc H mong guide then we move to a restaurant to enjoy breakfast. We  temporarily take a rest and do a quick cleaning and get all information about the Fansipan trip. We drive to Sapa and meeting with Support crew who carry all equipment, foods and our clothing. We will carry our day pack with water, jacket and camera only...

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