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3D2N Fansipan tour package from Sapa

My rating: , Date: 6/12/2013 1:57:24 AM

With content: We booked a four day, five night tour to Sapa which included the trek up Mt Fansipan and then a trek through four different local villages through in Hanoi which orgainsed our guide and porters in Sapa. From the transport to the night train in Hanoi, through the whole of the trip and then our return to Hanoi, everything was well organised and we were really looked after. Our guide was great and our porter so helpful and cooked the most amazing food. We were well catered for as vegetarians also. Just one recommendation is if you do trek up Fansipan, stay at camp 1 at 2200 meters instead of camp 2 at 2800 meters. We luckily stayed there both nights and had very good nights sleep. The camp is taken care of by two boys which helps alot. Camp 2 has no one to look after it, and from what people told us, they had the worst nights sleep due to the cold, no wood for cooking, and the multitude of rats which in some cases ran across people's faces.

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