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3D2N Fansipan tour package from Sapa
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DURATION: 3 days 2nights
LOCATION: Sapa-Viet Nam
Find out 5 reviews for 3D2N Fansipan tour package from Sapa
Write by: Elliott D , Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Slovakia
Climbing Fansipan is great fun and a nice accomplishment. While you should not take it lightly, if you are prepared it can be very satisfying. We did the trip today, in case you can use cable car to go donw at 31 usd...

Write by: Kara Nice , Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, United Kingdom
We booked a four day, five night tour to Sapa which included the trek up Mt Fansipan and then a trek through four different local villages through in Hanoi which orgainsed our guide and porters in Sapa. From the transport to the night train in Hanoi, through the whole of the trip and then our return to Hanoi, everything was well organised and we were really looked after. Our guide was great and our porter so helpful and cooked the most amazing food. We were well catered for as vegetarians also. Just one recommendation is if you do trek up Fansipan, stay at camp 1 at 2200 meters instead of camp 2 at 2800 meters. We luckily stayed there both nights and had very good nights sleep. The camp is taken care of by two boys which helps alot. Camp 2 has no one to look after it, and from what people told us, they had the worst nights sleep due to the cold, no wood for cooking, and the multitude of rats which in some cases ran across people's faces.

Write by: Mary-Ann P , Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Argentina
Great adventure experience and a great guide in Nhat, the Climb--a nimble 20 year old. From pickup at train station at 6am until I was walked to my hotel at 5:30pm back in Sapa, trek was exhausting, but worth it. We started hike at 8am, hit summit around 11:30am--clouds only, and were back at trailhead by 4:15pm. Took about one hours worth of breaks at the base camps to eat. Upper parts of trail are rocky and wet and I ended up mud-splattered and wet. The thin air above the upper base camp made it difficult to breathe and I did get a headache. (Some suggest spending a day in Sapa and doing the hike in 2 days to acclimate self to lower oxygen levels.) Breakfast and a sandwich for lunch was provided, but I brought some granola bars and dumplings which I shared with guide. I would recommend more nutrition as this hike burns calories. Water was not an issue. It was sold at lower base camp and could be taken out of streams untreated. Since we finished earlier than expected, I was also taken to see Silver Waterfall on way back to town. I would do it again, but probably in a drier season when I could get a view and the trail would be less treacherous.

Write by: Ha Doan 09 , Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Vietnam
Boarded the night train at Hanoi Station for the overnight ride to Sapa. The Vip berths come 2 bed to a room and if your travelling alone and lucky you might not have to share. Travelling with a couple its perfect. The trains are kept reasonably clean and hygenic, with free water and a small fruit bowl in each room. Night ride is probably the best since its a long ride and sleep would be the best past time. Fansipan tour package from Lao Cao train station would be prepared in advance and prepared carefully before we climb. Climb Fansipan Team is helpful to you to do the trip!

Write by: Barbara Mayo , Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Thailand
9 of us planed to conquer Fansipan peak and most people advised to take a 2d1n tour from Sapa, not many people do a 3d2n trip to Fansipan mountain but we did it well.  Our plan was:

First day: Crew meeting, Checking everything before climbing, start the trip from our  hotel in Sapa at 9h00 AM and climbed up to 2800m. Overnight on the house and cooked very nice dinner on the mountain.
Second day: did the trekking and climbing up to 3143 M, overnight on the house also and enjoyed lovely moment 
Third day: down to Sapa, tour ends at the hotel about 14h00 PM. today we crossed beautiful villages and stopped over at the H mong people to drink tea and talk to them friendly..

All arrangement was well, tour guide and porter were wonderful. Highly appreciated the Team of H'mong people