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Climb Fansipan

There are basically 2 ways to conquer Fansipan Mountain from Sapa town.

Option 1: Trekking through the forest.

You can go trekking through the forest to the peak, normally enjoy lunch at 2200m after 4-5 hour trekking then sleep at 2800m point and cook dinner there, sleep in a house on mountain or tent if you like..Day2, you can wake up in the morning then go the peak 3143m...Relax, photography then go down in the same way....or you can go down by cable car, cost about 27 usd/ticket, walking down 600 steps to Cable car station then take aother 15 minutes to Cable car in Sapa then transfer to your hotel in 15 minutes transfer.

Option 2: Cable car system travel
Go up and go down by cable car easily, totally 90 munites enable you to complete your Fansipan trip quickly.

To climb to Fansipan mountain - the roof of Indochina from Hanoi,  you must travel to Lao cai train station by car or normally by overnight train travel. From Lao Cai train station, you travel to Sapa town by bus about 1hour
Arrive in Sapa, normally , tourists take a breakfast, quick showering at the hotel, meeting with tour guide and support crew team then start the climb after all the things checked well by Climb Fansipan team.
There are three popular routes to climb Fansipan peak, with the starting point is Tram Ton pass, Cat Cat ethnic village or Sin Chai; in which Sin Chai route is said to be the most beautiful but the most dangerous also. Almost all tourists choose Tram Ton pass as the starting point of the climb because it is the easiest way. It often takes two or three days to complete the Fansipan conquest.
The most popular journey is a 3 days - 2 night trip or 2 days -1 night trip.

First day, we transfer to Tram Ton pass by car where we start the climb up to the height of 1,900m. After some hours- climbing, We stop over at a stream for camping, cooking the dinner and staying overnight here.

Second day, keep on climbing up to the roof of Indichina at the altitude of 3,143m. As scheduled, We enjoy lunch, take photos and the rest on the peak before coming back the camping site for a good night’s sleep.

Third day, We trek down the mountain on another path, and are taken back to Sapa town by car.

A mountain climbers wouild be in a good health and should do an exercise, or take a training course several months before the climb. Prepare the climbing shoes, raincoat, medical bag, water, sleeping bag, camp, and some sweet candies (help raising blood sugar level, and enhancing breathing when climbing too high) are indispensable things. A tip to avoid high-altitude sickness chewing hard candy, breathing through a face mask and drink plenty of water.

The Trail:
Day1: You start going through several different valleys with a lot of lush jungle. The first day entails 2-4 hours of hiking. There is typically a lot of mud so come prepared. You might have the option of moving up to a high camp but the camp right by the river is beautiful. Enjoy the river to clean off( it is a btit nippy)

Day2: From the camp you pretty much go straight up the mountain side. It is a mixture of light 3rd class rock, root and tree climbing. The trail can be very slick and there are a lot of spots where the trail drops off. If you have trouble with heights you might not want to consider this hike.From the camp it takes 2-5 hours to reach the summit. Going up is not to bad but if it rained recently the trial can be very slick. Coming down is whre you want to be careful.

Day3: From the camp it takes about 3 hours to get down, bec areful about grabbing on to the grass if the trail is slick it will tear up you hands. When you reach the bottom you will end up in a beautiful hill tribe village.

From Noi Bai -Hanoi airport

If  You arrive at Noi Bai airport, you take a transfer to the train Hanoi station at 120 Le Duan street, Hanoi Capital about 1hour 15mins where you board a train to the Lao Cai departure at 20h30 PM or 21h50PM..

There are taxi firms doing the airport transfer: Noi bai airport taxi, Vietnam transfer service at about 20 USD /way/car. It is not bad idea to take a a private transfer with

From the hotel in Hanoi City:

You can take taxi from your hotel in the old quarter streets, it is about 15 mins to drive to the train station then board a night train to Lao Cai -Sapa. Taxi cost is about 5 USD/ taxi/way. Becareful to some taxi doing a big round. Ask your hotel recpetionist to call Mai Linh taxi, or Hanoi taxi.

From Lao Cai train station to sapa:

It takes 1 hour to drive up to Sapa town where you will relax and meet upwith the crew to conquer Fansipan Mountain. Ask your agent or hotel in Sapa arrange the pick upservice. It is not bad idea to book a Fansipan tour package.

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