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Climbers cloud hunters' conquer the challenge of Ta Chi Nhu peak 2 979 M Writer: Admin Climb Fansipan

Ta chi nhu is The 6th high peak of Viet Nam at the hight of 2.979m on Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Yen Bai province, Northern Vietnam.  The Mountain Ta Chi Nhu is really wonderful and still unique  to  hike and approach clouds ocean in a clear day.

Ta Chi Nhu peak in Tram Tau District in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai is the dream mountain shared by many who love climbing and "cloud hunting".

The best time of year to watch the clouds is between October and February, when the cool air causes clouds to gather around the mountain.

"I had a chance to conquer this peak last year. It was really wonderful. I shared my woe with the ocean of clouds. The trekking up was tough, but the nature scenery was worth it," said Hanoian backpacker Nguyen Xuan Giang.

"If you intend to hike Ta Chi Nhu in the winter, you should have good health, carefully follow tour guides, and remember to bring a tent, water and food," Giang added.

According to Hanoian Bui Huy Thanh, Ta Chi Nhu is a perfect start to fulfill your dream of conquering the mountain top because there are not many obstacles or difficulties during the ascent.

Thanh said discovering the sixth highest peak in Viet Nam, with its 2,979m altitude, is an unforgettable experience, with a view from the summit he called awesome and ravishing.

ta Chi nhu

The mountain is also known as Phu Song Sung by the Thai ethnic, or Chung Chua Nha by the Mong people, and is part of the Pu Luong mountain of the Hoang Lien Son range.

To scale this mountain travellers from Ha Noi have to go through Nghia Lo Farm Town to Tram Tau District, then zigzag along small roads to Xa Ho Village, before taking an 8km ride to the foot of Ta Chi Nhu.

Although Ta Chi Nhu is lower compared to Mount Fansipan (the highest mount 3,143m in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai), the way to the top is more difficult because of Yen Bai mountain's sloping and tortuous roads.

However, to ensure that climbers' trips are safe, they should contact local authorities and hire a qualified local guide.

The weather conditions near the mountain are often foggy and windy. The path to the peak is almost vertical, sometimes like walking on a ridge.

From the foothills, dense fog surrounds the area, not to mention strong winds, which become stronger near the top, whipping climbers' faces.

Ta chi nhu1

On the way, tourists will see fields of flowers and small streams.

The mountain is also home to horses, goats and cows. Local residents visit animal huts on the mountain every week, bringing salt to feed their animals.

Hikers who conquer the 2,000m height can stay overnight at the transient station where they can camp overnight, light a fire and drink hot tea, while enjoying the clouds and sky, as well as have a unique chance to watch the mesmerising dawn and sunset among the clouds.

ta chi nhu2

From here, visitors have to hike several kilometres to reach the final destination, where they will feel as though they can reach out to grab those lazy, floating clouds surrounding them, which create a fairy tale-like world.

Also from the peak, hikers can easily see the Ta Y Cho and Ta Xua peaks. In the ocean of clouds, those peaks float like stunning islands.

"I couldn't verbalise my feelings when I stood at Ta Chi Nhu peak. Only people who climbed to the top, like me, can understand. My life was raised to a new level. Trekking tours made my life more beautiful, sparkling and meaningful," said a backpacker nicknamed Roxy.

Nowaday, Ta Chi Nhu is most wanted place for you climber to travel to enjoy themsefl with the cloud. Tourist faciliy is still rare and normally, climber stop over at the communal house in the villager and the leader of the village will advise climber what to prepare.. 

Why Ta Chi Nhu peak?

  • Float On An Ocean Of Clouds In Ta Chi Nhu peak
  • ideal peak for everybody holding interest in “cloud hunting”
  •  the existing paradise filled with clouds year-round. 
  • try floating on an ocean of clouds, 
  • is a place to settle for adventure 
How to go to Ta Chi Nhu peak?

From Hanoi capital, you follow the road Trung Ha bridge then proceed to Nghia Lo district about 200km, neary 4 hours, from the City, you transfer about 50 km to Tu le town which is famous for sticky rice then to Ta Chi Nhu an other 50km ( about 20km to Mu Cang chai). Motor bike is a convenient transportation to go there.

From Sapa, you go to Than Uyen town about 120km, 3 hours then proceed to Nghia Lo smal town (The road follows the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range and winds through tea plantations and rice terraces as it hugs the Nam Ma River. This stunning valley is dotted with Tay, Dzao and H'mong hill tribe villages. Over the 1,900 meter Tram Ton Pass)

Ta chi nhu travel map

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Sapa’s cable car named among new tourist attractions to visit in 2015 Writer: Admin Climb Fansipan

The UK travel publisher, Rough Guides, has listed Vietnam’s Sapa cable car among 9 New Tourist Attractions to Visit in 2015.
According to Rough Guides, the cable car system in Sapa will be the world’s longest and highest cable car, running up from sleepy Sapa Town in Lao Cai Province to the peak of 3,143-meter Fansipan Mountain, known as Indochina’s rooftop.
Reaching Mount Fansipan used to mean a full-day hike at least. But from later this September the trek up will be reduced to a 20-minute flight by cable car.
“Enjoy the view from the summit before exploring Sapa itself, an isolated community set to become firmly established on the tourist trail – the cable car will transport 2,000 people per hour, the same number as reached the peak in an entire year previously,” it wrote.
Work on the Sapa cable car started in November 2013. The aerial tramway will be followed by the construction of hotels and recreational facilities in the northern highlands.
The tramway will be the first of its kind in Asia, and the world's longest and highest at 6,200 meters long and 3,000 meters high, as stated by Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the launch of the project.
But environmentalists, smart travel companies and tourism experts have been rallying against it as they said it will ruin the natural beauty of the area and the challenge of conquering Indochina's peak on foot. Custmers can contact Climb Fansipan Team for best arrangement at:

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